Graphic Design with a personal touch

About Us

The studio

An award-winning graphic designer with over 35 years of design experience, I am the the principal and creative director of Robin Weisz Design. In addition to being responsible for all graphic design, I manage budgets, work with outside vendors, source images, create production schedules, as well as bid and supervise printing. I often work in collaboration with photographers, illustrators, proof readers, copywriters, and editors. 

What sets my studio apart from big studios is that I combine my personal creativity with an easy-to-work-with style to create a superior product. I believe that the design process is a partnership between the client and myself working together toward a common goal. 

What kind of work do I specialize in?

My expertise is in editorial design with a focus on the design of magazines, books, brochures, invitations and all collateral materials, including social media assets. I also have over 20 years of experience in museum and exhibition design. 

My passion... photography

In addition to graphic design I have rediscovered my passion for photography. I do this as a creative outlet, but I also have had occasion to photograph magazine and book covers. I have used my photography in many of of the publications I have designed.